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★★★★ Masterfully performed.

Two dancers occupy the same space; one is naked, one is clothed. As room to move grows smaller and smaller, the challenge of sharing a shrinking world becomes ever more desperate.

Lucy Guerin’s Split is both simple in conceit and brilliant in execution. The Melbourne-based choreographer plays with time and space to hypnotic effect, spinning from the movements of the two dancers a power struggle of desires and demands. Set to a driving soundtrack by electronic composer Scanner and performed by two of the most virtuosic dancers working in Australia today, this is a gripping performance with deep resonances for a world in an ever-more precarious state.

A duet that verges on thriller territory, Split is the work of a modern master at the height of her powers.

Warnings: Contains nudity

PHOTO | Gregory Lorenzutti (original cast)

★★★★ Showcases everything that's exciting about dance as an art form.

Artistic Director
Lucy Guerin
Lilian Steiner & Ashley McLellan
Lighting Designer
Paul Lim
Sound Designer
Robin Fox



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