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Jo Lloyd

Presented with Arts House

★★★★ A wild ballet.

When Jo Lloyd was young she would pretend to interview famous people she wanted to meet. Now she's dancing them into your life.

The unrequited and the unattainable, the objects of our obsessions and the lost heroes we will never know: these are the spectral idols that animate OVERTURE. A cast of four dancers embody a stream of fictions, desires, impossible scenarios and tense encounters in a space just as prone to transformation as the performers on stage.

Playful and studded with comic interludes, Jo Lloyd’s choreography joyfully provokes the serious side of dance in a sincere attempt to find new ways to connect with one another.

Dancing at the precipice of the possible and the unthinkable, OVERTURE reminds us that what is in the frame is not always what is in the picture.

2019 Green Room Awards

Best Dance Production
Ensemble Performance
Outstanding Choreography

Warnings: Contains full frontal nudity, onstage smoke effects, loud music or very loud effects

PHOTO | Peter Rosetzky

★★★★ Beautiful chaos.

Director, Choreographer & Performer
Jo Lloyd
Deanne Butterworth
Rebecca Jensen
Shian Law
James Wright (NON Studio)
Duane Morrison
Lighting & Set Designer
Jenny Hector
Costume & Set Designer
Andrew Treloar
Photographer & Designer
Peter Rosetzky
Anny Mokotow
Michaela Coventry (Sage Arts)



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OVERTURE was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the City of Melbourne through Arts House. It was developed through Arts House's CultureLAB; supported by Lucy Guerin Inc through the Resident Director Program; the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund and Maximised by Chunky Move.