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Obscure, forward-thinking and with a distinct flavour.

Everything Is Noise
The contrarians that make up Japanese trio Kukangendai never met a musical convention they couldn't break. Wielding the humble rock fundamentals of guitar, bass and drums, they tear apart the very basics of music to create something shocking yet compulsive, crazy-making but true.

The three-piece formed in 2006 and have since developed a unique approach to creating tracks through a process of deliberate error and recording glitches replicated live. Tearing up the rulebook on melody, tempo and harmony results in distorted, mind-bending sonic voyages that have drawn attention the world over.

In recent years the band have collaborated with such luminaries as Ryuichi Sakamoto, while their most recent LP was released on the label of Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley. With a reputation for live experiences as humorous as they are profound—what else do you expect when you write unplayable music?—the Australian debut of Kukangendai will leave heads spinning.

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Warnings: Contains loud music or very loud effects 

PHOTO | Katayama Tatsuki


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