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Wed 03–Sun 21 October


NoFit State Circus

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$89 | Southern Cross Lawn

★★★★★ There aren’t really words to do this life-affirming spectacle justice... go see it.


Daring, seductive and utterly contemporary, Lexicon is a celebration of the past, present and future of circus—a world of magic and laughter inhabited by quiet misfits and furious poetry.

It’s been 250 years since Philip Astley dreamed up the circus ring and along the way created modern circus as we know it. Now the UK’s leading large-scale contemporary circus company has taken that pivotal moment as the springboard from which to launch their latest spectacle.

An experience like no other, audiences are placed nose to nose with international artists who have perfected their craft in ways nobody else has managed.

The creak of tensing muscles, the gasp of breath expelled, the hiss of a limb whipping through the air and the slap of skin connecting—it’s no wonder circus is the form that speaks to all ages.

Eating and drinking

The bar inside the Lexicon Big Top is open 45 minutes prior to the performance: head in, grab a drink—or a delicious Archie Rose cocktail—and get your seat.

The Benny Burger truck operates nightly, the bar serves snacks and Jardin Tan is open for bookings.


Lexicon is suitable for all ages.

★★★★ Lexicon is a class act.


NoFit State’s new show mixes skill, humour and physical poetry.



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PHOTO | Mark Robson