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1000 Doors

Christian Wagstaff & Keith Courtney

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$10 | Arts Centre Melbourne

A door is a beginning and an end, a promise and a warning. What waits on the other side is limited only by the imagination and decided only by an action. Step across the threshold of you.

From the masterminds behind last year’s Melbourne Festival hit House of Mirrors comes a new invitation to lose yourself and find something else in the process. A seemingly endless series of doors, screens, portals and gateways give way to the many in-between spaces humanity has invented to fill the void—passageways and parlours and vestibules and holding pens—each haunted by the lingering traces of past inhabitants.

Will you feel like a time-traveller waltzing across eras as you pass through each door? Or one of the very ghosts these doors seem to summon? Every entrance into this house of possibility will begin at the same door, but no two visitors will leave the same as they entered.

Sound Designer/Composer
Tamil Rogeon
Interior Architecture Consultant
Sam Slicer


  • With support from

This project has been commissioned by Melbourne International Arts Festival, Bendigo Art Gallery and Brisbane Festival.

PHOTO | Keith Wagstaff ACS