Path of Miracles

Tenebrae choir

Australian Premiere

Choral music doesn’t get more magnificent than this.

Joby Talbot’s modern masterpiece Path of Miracles was first performed in 2005 following the traumatic aftermath of the July 7 bombs in London.

In celebration of Tenebrae’s 15th anniversary, the award-winning group founded and directed by Nigel Short return to this groundbreaking work alongside the premiere of a new commission by Owain Park, Footsteps, which moves through the seasons as seen by a lonely traveller.

Latin for ‘shadows’, Tenebrae’s name also refers to the religious service in which candles are successively extinguished, and both meanings offer a hint of the emotional timbre of this choir’s performances.

The evocative depths of these two works are the perfect introduction to the immersive audience experience of a group who regularly perform by candlelight, from memory and encouraging movement throughout the performance space.

Owain Park Footsteps

Joby Talbot Path of Miracles 

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